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Over the last five years we have increasingly been asked to transform our clients’ gardens and event spaces using plants rather than cut flowers. During that period, we have provided our customers with plants to create stunning garden borders for a newly renovated property, designed installations for hospitality settings and rejuvenated beds and containers for weddings and family celebrations.

We are now making this service available to everyone with our easy-to-followplant by numbers service. With our wealth of horticultural knowledge, we can transform your garden without the price tag associated with a high end garden designer. You decide how much of your garden you want to transform, from a single border to a whole new planting scheme. We will work within the confines of your current layout and structure and let the plants do the talking! We can also design you a garden with seasonal interest, so that you can spread the cost of your transformation throughout the year.

The process is simple, you brief us on site, in your garden, then we deliver you a selection of handpicked, aesthetically beautiful plants suitable for your beds, borders and containers. We’ll ensure that you have the right plant for the right place.

Who needs our help?

*First time buyers with no gardening experience*

*Families planning a garden wedding or garden party*

*Anyone looking to sell their home or improve their kerb appeal*

*Homeowners whose gardens need rejuvenating or replenishing*

*Nature lovers keen to attract more wildlife into their space*

*The more mature gardener in need of a low maintenance garden*

*The romantic soul that wants to grow the flowers that they chose for their own wedding*

Call Amy on 07811 635152 or send us an email to find out more, quoting ‘Ava Gardeners’, info@avaeventstyling.com